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AE Templates Online

After Effects Templates Online A Quick Video Editing Solution

When we work with applications for the generation of animations and videos of any kind, the use of external and pre-made resources becomes almost essential. This type of downloadable projects or templates offer examples of the most illustrative to gain ease in the creation of videos.  One of the most used resources in video editing are After effects templates online, which are a fast and powerful tool to create animations, trailers, logos and video Promo.

The Best After Effects Templates Online 2022 🎥


Here are some of the best sites to download after effects templates.

Where To Download After Effects Templates Online 2022 ?

Here you have the AE templates to download online 👇 .

AE Template Online Instagram
Instagram Video Template After Effects
AE Effects Logo Opener.
VideoHive Logo Opener.
event promo after effects template
Inspiring Epic Promo.

trailer after effects template
Ancient Epic Trailer.
flag animation after effects
3D Flag Loop AE Template.
newspaper after effects template
Newspaper Video Template.
logo opener after effects
Grunge Opener AE Template Online.
Brand TV After Effects.
Brand TV AE Template Online.
Promo AE Template Online.
Promo After Effects Video Template.

blockbuster after effects download
Blockbuster Adobe After Effect.
after effects flag template
Flag Loop Maker AE Template.
after effects promo video
Comic Video Template AE.
adobe after effects promo templates
AE Video Template Promo.
After Effects Video Templates Online.
Brand TV AE Template.
best after effects promo
Best Action Promo After Effects Template.

After Effects CS4
AE Video Template CS4.
after effects promotional video
Ultimate Epic Promo AE by Abrial.
After Effects CS4
AE Slide In Text.
AE Template Online
Brand TV Crystal And Clean AE Video Template.
after effects dynamic text box
Dynamic Square Lower Third.
after effects
The Hunting AE Video Promo.

after effect product presentation template
Elegan Product Service Desing With Precision.
after effect trailer template
Epic Mysterious Trailer.
after effects product template
Product Service AE Video Template.
after effect cinematic preset
Cinematic Epic Promo After Effects Video Template.
after effect trailer
Epic Flag Trailer.
after effects flag
Realistic Flag Maker Present With AE.
after effects promo
Phone After Effects Promo Video Template.

What Are After Effects Templates ?

After Effectsis the application software in charge of generating graphics in motion as well as special effects for video, online-oriented content and presentations. It is available on both operative systems: Mac and Windows andeffusivelyused on TV and Films when it comes to post production in addition to special effects, and also animation.After Effects offers an incredible tool for those looking forward to making professional and customized projects. This wonderful resource is known as After Effects Templates. You may wonder what this tool is and what you can do with it and here you will find a rundown with everything you need to know.

After Effects Templatesare project files which can be customized. When motion designers work on specific projects using After Effects, they usually use a non-formatted file structure for others to customize it. As a consequence, you find unidentified elements, lack of organization, and complicated file structures. The templates offered are, on the other hand, labeled and organized in a way that they get easy to understand. With After Effects Templates, people can effortlessly change aspects such as text, colors, and other elements in the design without being forced to understand complexed-file structures created by Motion Graphic Designers.

Types Of After Effects Templates

What Can You Do With Adobe After Effects?

AE is a creative compositing graphics engine that lets you create everything from simple animations to complex videos with stunning audiovisual FX effects. After Effects is a motion graphics software developed by Adobe to help you create high-quality content for television, movies, and websites. Thanks to this graphic engine, you will be able to create attractive logos for YouTube, movie trailers , flag makers, logo openers and much more.

What Makes a Good After Effect Template

A good After Effect Template allows users to change or customize the project by modifying the text, color and other elements in the design. According to this, you can easily drag and drop pictures as well as footage inside the timelines created by the graphic designer. You can also change the text field and customize it the way you want just as a text editor does. There are After Effects Templates for different situations. For instance, those applied to create complete finished videos. Others are used to add graphics in a video already created. There are even some After Effects Templates designed to create a specific effect.

When To Use After Effects ?

You may be wondering what is the best time to use AE video template online ? The truth is that any time is valid to use this type of templates because they speed up work and give a serious look to your audiovisual project. For example, you want to make the effect of a flag waving ?, with ae template you can do it very fast and comfortably.

Is After Effects Good For Video Editing ?

To be precise, AE is not a video editor as such, since in After Effects you don’t make edits or clippings. Basically they are templates in which you can create audiovisual projects, you only have to take care of putting the text, photos and videos, will be in the template in charge of giving an impeccable finish without great knowledge of video editing.

Is After Effects Used In Movies ?

Adobe AE is not commonly used in the film industry because it lacks the necessary features that film professionals are looking for. However, these types of templates are very popular in independent film, low-budget productions, and indie format, but obviously not in Hollywood.

Is After Effects Hard To Use ?

Using the AE templates is very simple, just enter the text where necessary, photos and videos. Once you have everything you can compile the video with your favorite FX effects.

After Effect Template: Hardware and Software Requirements

First of all, you need to install Adobe After Effects on your computer. Make sure to download the version of the software according to the operative system your computer is working with whether it is Mac or Windows. As you know, After Effects is a very powerful program designed for motion graphics and visual effects (VFX) used for some to master the software and others just to create basic graphics or VFX. It is included in Adobe Creative Cloudand it is sold in the Creative Cloud pack. You do not purchase the software but license the pack for a monthly fee. This pack includes the library of softwares such as Adobe Audition, Photoshop, Adobe Dreamweaver, among others.

For those unfamiliar with After Effects, the company offers a free trial for 30 days where you can customize and export videos.  When using After Effects Templates what you need to have is a project file with video, images or music assets your project could require. Those assets may not be found in your computer for it is mandatory to download and save them on your computer. The Technical requirements for this software are:


  • 64 Bit* Intel® Processor“Multicore”.
  • Service Pack 1 (SP)64 bit* forWindows® 7, Windows 8.1, or Windows 10.
  • RAM Memory: 8GB or 16GB suggested for better performance.
  • At least 5GB space in the hard disk availablein addition to free space that is necessary during the installation.
  • Extra10GB space in the hard disk for cache.
  • Display:1280×1080.
  • A GPU card certified by Adobe that can accelerate the ray – traced renderer.
  • The connection on Internet and also the registration process are necessary steps for the activation of the software besides the validation and access to some services online.


  • Intel processor “Multicore”with 64-bit support.
  • 11 (El Capitán), 10.12 (Sierra), or 10.13 (High Sierra).
  • RAM Memory: 8GB or 16GB highly recommended for better performance.
  • At least, a6GB space in the hard diskneededfor installation in addition to free space required as it cannot be installed in flash storage devices that can be removable.
  • Additional disk space for disk cache (10GB recommended).
  • Display: 1440×900.
  • The connection on Internet and also the registration process are necessary steps for the activation of the software besides the validation and access to the services online.

How Much Ram Consumes After Effects

According to Adobe the minimum amount of RAM to run AE screens is 8 GB. However, the company recommends using at least 16 GB of RAM. However, to avoid any kind of problems it is best to use for this type of video editing on systems with 32 GB of ram, so you ensure that it works very smoothly.

All You Need to Know to Use After Effects Templates

In order for you to use an After Effects Template, you require a Template Project with all the assets needed. If the After Effect software is not open on your computer, you can easily start the program by opening the template file when navigating file-open or simply double clicking on the project. Once the project is open, you will have a wide view of the files right on the screen left side in a “Project Panel”. In the center of the screen, there is a large video display known as “The Composition Panel” where you will spot a timeline in which you can place the assets (videos, images, music, and graphic elements) needed to make the final composition or video.

In case of making a simple graphic project, what you need to have in your composition timeline is a layer with video and text elements. It is important to add that you can find plenty of elements within a template. What is imperative for you to understand is that an excellent template will not make you go through all the layers but will lead you to access to very few layers. Remember that After Effects Templates must be organized when it comes to composition structure if it is considered a good one.In most cases, when working on a project, the user should access the composition corresponding the scene needed to modify.

For instance, if the user only desires to change the “end” logo, there is a composition with that name where the user is allowed to manipulate the elements such as texts according to the specific requests. You will discover that every template is somehow different for it is recommended all the documentation provided by the template so the editing process becomes easier. Here you will find all the customized templates you need.

Any After Effect Template will include a project file and the required assets. Once open, there is a set up established by default where you just have to edit and customize. Make sure the assets are placed in the right spot or you will get an error when opening the project. If any footage is not found, just move the asset back until you get the correct file structure by clicking on the file in the panel and selecting the reload footage option.

Making My Own After Effects Templates

In case you wonder how to make an After Effects Template, the process is very easy. The only difference is that templates are organized and the effects in a regular project need to be so. When creating a template, you need to see yourself as a user. In other words, the project has to be comprehensible, with a file structure easy to work with. Once you manage to complete it, you can save the template under the format After Effects Templates.

What to Do When the Assets Are Missing

There is a pre-established composition in your template just ready to be customized. When adding assets in your file project, there is a chance those can be placed in the wrong spot for you will inevitably get an error message. If footage is missing or wrongly placed, just move back the asset into the “appropriate file structure” by clicking in the project panel and choosing the reload footage option.

Getting to Know How After Effects Templates Differ from Other Tools in After Effects

After Effects offers not only templates but other items such as After Effect Script, which are code lines that indicate After Effect what to do and it is mostly used for saving motion graphic designers. Another item provided by After Effect is After Effect expression, a clip expression which will indicate to change a parameter. After Effect Assets are drag and drop files for your projects. The assets can be videos, images, audio files employed to customize a project in After Effect.After Effect Plugin provides the software with extra functionality. The Element 3D is cone of the most popular in the market and allows people to customize the objects in 3D right in After Effect. Finally, the After Effect Preset which constitute a set of predefined group of effects that are set to be used in layers. The text animation and the color grading presets are by far one of the most common.

How Much Money Is AE ?

Creative Cloud Pricing prices are variable depending on what you’re looking for, here’s a link with more information.

Creative Cloud Plans & Pricing
After Effects Price.


  • Lightroom CC.
  • Lightroom Classic CC.
  • Photoshop CC.
  • 20GB of cloud storage.

Single App

  • Create animated graphics and visual effects for film, television, video, and the web.
  • Includes 100GB of cloud storage, Adobe Portfolio, Adobe Fonts, and Adobe Spark with premium features.

All Apps

  • A complete collection of over 20 creative desktop and mobile applications, including Photoshop CC, Illustrator CC and Adobe XD CC.
  • Includes: 100GB of cloud storage, Adobe Portfolio, Adobe Fonts and Adobe Spark with premium features.
  • Up to 10TB of cloud space (call for more details).

All Apps + Adobe Stock

  • A collection of more than 20 creative desktop and mobile applications, including Photoshop CC, Illustrator CC, and Adobe XD CC.
  • Download 10 free photos from Adobe Stock.
  • Your first month’s use of Adobe Stock is free and includes 10 photos/plans.
  • Cancel Adobe Stock without risk during the first month of operation.

The Best Adobe After Effects Templates in One Place

Here you will find the highest quality templates for projects like animations, video, trailers and even logos. Get ready to combine clips with videos that you can speed up or slow down. After Effect could take years to master, so enjoy these time saving templates we offer you in a vast library of pre-animated templates with interchangeable elements.

Welcome to our audio-visual effects templates store 2022.