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The Best After Effects PROMO Templates

AE promo templates.

What is a Promo?

A promo is considered to be a piece of advertising or publicity, generally presented as a video. Promos are commercial to be broadcasted on media whether it is radio or television. Promos main purpose is to promote programs airing on TV or Radio Stations to viewers or listeners.

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Promotional Videos

A promotional video can be related to “Promotional Recording” which is audio recordings that record companies distribute freely in order to promote the recording production of an artist that will be available commercially speaking.“Corporate Video”, these videos offer content advertisement free and they are created for companies and organizations. A “Music Video” is another kind of promo video presented as a short film with a song included. They are distributed on TV networks, especially those which broadcast music videos like MTV or VH1.

Ten Reasons Your Website Should Have a Promo Video

Social Networking has created an undeniable influence on society. Every day, people spend a lot of time on social media, for it has become a remarkable way to promote or advertise companies and products. At least 46% of businesses employ promo videos which are included on their home page. Almost 90 % of them believe this is an effective marketing strategy. If you have a website, here you have ten reasons you should have a promo video to attract users. “Outshining of the Competition.”This kind of videos allows visitors to get closer and provide an opportunity for users to see something in particular that your competitors have not been clear with.

Humanizing the Brand.” When using real people in your promo videos, you give visitors an incredible opportunity to add a “face” to all the content (text and images) found on the site. “Maintaining Eye Contact.” Promo videos have to be interesting and attractive so viewers establish eye contact with what it has to offer. “Covering the Bases” as near 26 % of consumers tend to lose interest when the website lacks of promo videos. “Speaking Their Language”,That is, make video promos that are easy to comprehend what you offer to them.

Starting a Conversation” is a cornerstone to make a promo video as it keeps visitors feel uncomfortable from entering the website. “Giving Mobile Lovers More Content to Share.” 90 % of people who watch video content on their smartphones share them with friends and other people. “Improving the SEO” studies have shown that people spend over 7 minutes on websites with promo videos and only 2 minutes in those which lack of them. “Increasing the Visibility Search” in order to make visitors spend more time on your site so search engines feel happy. Finally, “Loading up Shopping Carts.” It is estimated that 145 % of people who watch promotional product videos tend to add them on their shopping lists.

The Best After Effects Promo Templates

event promo after effects template
Inspiring Epic Promo.
Promo AE Template Online.
Promo After Effects Video Template.
after effects promo video
Comic Video Template AE.
adobe after effects promo templates
AE Video Template Promo.
after effects promotional video
Ultimate Epic Promo AE by Abrial.
after effects promo
Phone AE Promo Video Template.

after effect cinematic preset
Cinematic Epic Promo AE Template.

Epic Grunge Opener is another CS5 After Effects Template customizable where you can add text, change video, images, fonts, and color. Epic Grunge Opener does not need plugins and it is ideal for trailers, promos, and closing credits.

logo opener after effects
Grunge Opener AE Template Online.

This template offers you “Full High Definition” (1920 x 1080) and the “Cinemascope version” with a 1920 x 780 resolution. Style Slide is yet another After Effects Template for versions of the software from CS4 until CS6 with FULL HD resolution and no plugins required. It also brings one logo holder and one logo animation in 3D. StyleSlide has a help file include and it is very easy to customize. It is an all in one project with four color controllers and eight presets. I Feel Nice is another After Effects Template designed to be completely customized with no plugins required. You only have to insert the elements and you will get an extraordinary product with HD resolution. I Feel Nice offers you a lot of assets and sound effects are included.

Here you can find the best after effects promo templates with high quality and incredible designs whether you want to promote a website, company, product or service. One of these is “Inspiring Epic Promo”, a template created aiming to customize, trailers, promos, closing credits where you can change text, photos, or videos. Inspiring Epic Promoworksfor versions of the software that includes After Effects CCC, CC14, CC15, CC16, and CC17. It brings you a modular structure with sound effects and a help file included. “Fire Grunge” is another eye-catching CS5/CS5.5/CS6 After Effects Template easily customizable with Full High Resolution and includes a version with rectangular or square logo. Fire Grunge allows users to correct color and clear video with lots of assets, sound effects and a help file included. Fire Grunge permits changes in color, fonts, videos and images. “Comic Book Promo” is yet another cool CS5 After Effects Template easy to customize by changing text, color, fonts, videos and images. Comic Book Promo offers high resolution with sound effects and three versions. The first one is the Original. The second is the Prerendered and the latter is the Clean version. “Grunge Epic Promo” is a fashionable template easy to customize with lots of assets. It allows you to render your projects in Full High Definition with 2 versions of the template included: The Original and the Clean version.Other After Effects with mind-blowing effects are the “Ultimate Epic Promo”, Phones Promo, and the “Cinematic Epic Promo.”