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The Best After Effects TRAILERS

trailer after effects template

What is a Trailer?

Trailers are movie previews commercially advertised announcing the exhibition of a feature film in cinemas in the future. In the past, Trailers were shown to audiences at the end of a film screening, but as people left cinemas right after movies ended, they decided to change the strategy, for trailers are now shown before the film release in Television Networks, YouTube channels, and special events such as the “Super Bowl” or Comi-Con. According to some polls, almost 10 billion videos are watched annually and film trailers rank in the third position. Trailers have become so popular and effective for promotions that TV networks decided to use that format to promote their upcoming shows. Video game companies, editorials, and entertainment companies have also ventured with the use of trailers for promotion.

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What is the Purpose of a Trailer?

A trailer simply tells a story of an upcoming film in a condensed way to get people’s interest and get the maximum appeal. Trailers have become so important in the film business because they represent an effective way to advertise even poor movies that can obtain an attractive light from audiences.

Trailers: From Movies to Companies

In the late 1990s, other companies realized the impact ofa trailer produce on people, for they decided to adapt it in order to promote their products. That is the case on video game companies which used them to entice people to play the game. Video game trailers are very useful nowadays. A book trailer is made in order to advertise a book with similar techniques to encourage readers to buy it. Sometimes, those book trailers are known as video podcasts. They are aired on television or online platforms like YouTube. A common format for a book trailer is including an actor who performs a scene from the book with another element included such as music and pictures to convey the story. TV spots are movie trailers that are presented on television. They last less than a typical trailer. The length of a TV Spot is between 30 and 60 seconds. The content in those spots is usually rated PG 13 that is, appropriate for all audiences.

The Best Cinematic Trailers Templates 2020

trailer after effects template
Ancient Epic Trailer.
blockbuster after effects download
Blockbuster Adobe After Effect.
after effect trailer
Epic Flag Trailer.
after effect trailer template
Epic Mysterious Trailer.

It might sound funny or even silly, but a trailer can make your film get into the spotlight. In order for you to create extraordinary trailers, you need to follow up the same principles or rules applied in the film industry regardless of the budget. For that reason, the After Effects trailer templates we offer to provide high quality for your projects. After Effects Templates take you to another level of production quick and easy. One of these iconic templates is the Ancient Epic Promo that you can only purchase on Videohive or Envato. It is easy to customize by adding text, changing fonts, videos and images. This Full HD Template works with versions of After Effects from CS4 until CC17. It features sixteen text holders, eight video holders with a help file included. The graphic arts of this template are amazing. “Blockbuster Epic Trailer is a customizable project for After Effects with Full HD resolution and lots of assets, including sound effects and a help file. “The Outlawders” is an After Effects Template with Full High Definition you can use for cool trailers. One important aspect is that it does not require plugins and it is completely easy to customize. Change images, videos, color,and fonts. Some sound effects are included in addition to a help file. “Epic Flag Trailer and Cinematic Epic Trailer” are other After Effects templates easy to customize with high-resolution quality. Epic Flag Trailer is a 2’09” long template. You can modify the color, text, videos, images and flags. A “ft-UV Pass” plugin is needed. There are no footages included. Cinematic Epic Trailer on the other hand provides twelve places for your videos, nineteen for the text and one for the logo. This is a 1’28” long template with flares coming from “Videocopilot’s” Optical Flares. Finally, the “Epic Mysterious Trailer” is an elite After Effects template available only on Videohive or Envato with HD resolution sixteen text holders and eight video holders completely organized and a help file included.