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Best After Effects Templates for INSTAGRAM STORIES

after effects online instagram stories.

What is Instagram ?

Social Networking is currently an important practice when it comes to expanding someone’s business or social contacts through connections between individuals on social media such as Twitter, Facebook or Instagram. One of the trendy social media at the moment is Instagram, a social networking application designed in order to share photos and videos from smartphones. This app allows people to have a profile and a news feed where they can post photos or videos which can be seen by followers in their very own feed. Instagram is similar to Facebook in some aspects but emphasizing the use of mobile devices as well as visual sharing. This application works in devices with both operative systems: iOS and Android. In addition, it allows users to access through PCs, but they can’t upload photos or videos.

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Sharing Posts on Instagram

Posting photos or videos on Instagram is very easy once you use the filters or editing processes of your preference. One of the incredible features within this app is the fact that one can share posts not only on Instagram but other platforms such as Facebook, Twitter or Flickr. In order to do it so, some sharing configuration aspects must be highlighted. Then, all posts will be automatically shared on all the Social Networks after pressing “share.” You can choose which social network you can share your posts on by tapping on any of them until you set it off.

After Effects Templates on Instagram Stories

AE Template Online Instagram
Instagram Video Template After Effects

In order to make stories that matter, common users or even influencers, bloggers and advertising agencies have to come up with the most attractive design and content. To achieve it, After Effectsoffers a set of templates for every purpose and need and here you have a complete library of trending templates including basic, beauty, business, video, education, and sport. These templates are easy to edit or customize. Just choose the proper template and add your content.Instagram Stories Bundle is one of these templates with over ninety stories, colors and posts where you can easily change footage. This template is perfect to promote products, events, quotes that inspire people. If you work with social media, thisAfter Effects Template willimpress viewers.

Five Things You Can Do with Instagram Stories

There are five things you have to do on Instagram to make your posts more interesting to followers. This is one of the huge application and social platform that make people hungry for visual content. Whether your purpose with this app is to get more followers, engage people or even advertise, you need to: Make Photo Collages, as they are perfect ways to tell people stories. It is better than posting each photo of a related event. Use Correct Hashtags in Captions, as they are a really powerful tool aiming to make users find specific information or related content. Hashtags work as filters in a social media packed with information of any kind. Post Videos with Time Lapse, for they allow users to create a high-quality film that can be sped up to last less time. Post in the Proper Time During the Day, that is to make sure your followers will see all your posts. You have to be aware of the convenient time and proper performing days. Finally, Use the Best Templates to attract followers as the more Eye-Catching visual content you offer, the more interested your followers will be in your posts.

Best After Effects Templates for Instagram Stories

We offer the best After Effects Templates for your Instagram Stories. The “Instagram Stories Bundle” is a mind-blowing package with over ninety Instagram stories and posts with incredible resolution. In addition, this After Effects Template hassixty professional color grades as well as many transitions. This template is very easy to use as it allows you to change images, videos and even texts. Instagram Stories Bundlebrings you a state of the art design withno plugin required and effortlessly customizable. The perfect template to promote products, posts, events, quotes, and much more. If you work with Instagram, Facebook or any other social media, then it is time to impress the audience with this spectacular After Effects Template. Instagram Stories Bundle includes Html and a tutorial. It works perfectly with After Effects versions from CS5 on.