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The Best LOWER THIRDS After Effects Template

Lower Third After Effects Templates

What are Lower Thirds?

You may wonder what Lower Thirds are. Basically, they are graphics overlays which are located in the lower area known as the title safe. The Lower Third can be a text overlaying video, usually, text colored white including a drop shadow so words get easier to read. Lower Thirds not only have texts but additional graphic elements such as boxes as well as images, shading and even animated background. A way to create Lower Thirds is by using video editing softwares or some professional equipment for television broadcasting.

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Lower Thirds are also known as Character Generator or GC. Usually, Lower Thirds get arranged in tiers; that is, one lower third the story being shown or the presenter’s name. The two-tierlower third is for identifying a person on the screen. In this case, the name of the person appears in the first line, while the address or description in the other one. The two lower thirds are also used to identify where the story is taking place. Three tiers lower thirds provide more information. In this case, the first line lets you know where the video was shot if it was not done the same day it has been aired.

What to Have in Mind with Lower Thirds

There are some important aspects to keep in mind when creating lower thirds. The first one is that lower thirds don’t necessarily have to be on your TV “lower third. You can place lower thirds in the upper portion of the screen. Lower thirds can easily be done with any software that allows you to layer the video tracks such as After Effects. Laying the video means to put one track on top of another. The software should let you make a transparency. There are even easier ways to make Lower Thirds and After Effects gives you templates you can customize the way you desire.

When to Use Lower Thirds

Text can be used to communicate almost anything. This includes names, job titles, time or weather and location. What is important to know is what information and when to add it in a Lower Third. For instance, in an interview, you can ask for a brief introduction that can be added as a soundbite or in the final edit. But when time is not enough or there is not soundbite or visuals to use, lower thirds become a powerful tool. If you don’t want your lower thirds to be unprofessional, you have to choose the appropriate template and slap it on the video you are working with. If you want to use an After Effects Template or create your own Lower Third, you should view the project as a whole.

When working for a brand, what you need to know is they are restricted conditions or give you the freedom to create the graphics. If designs are used by others, it is better to come up with an original project. When deciding to create lower thirds from scratch, think about various elements a lower third would need, always avoiding random fonts which don’t match other aspects seen in the video. Poor contrast between the background and lower thirds is something you also have to avoid as well as random schemes of colors or poor placement of lower thirds like covering too much.

Best Lower Third After Effects Templates

after effects dynamic text box
Dynamic Square Lower Third.

As you know, After Effects Templates make your video composition easy and here we have the best templates for you such as Brand TV Crystal & Clean, an After Effects template compatible with the versions of the After Effects software with full HD resolution with no plugin needed. This template includes easy charge color with seven colors presets, 4 different logo holders as well as placeholders for videos and texts. It is easy to customize. It is an all in one after effect template you can use for your projects. Another Eye Catching Lower Third Template is the Dynamic Square Lower Third, a six-packed fully lower third graphics quite easy to customize. Add any color or fond of your project. This template provides you with six pre-made graphics: one line lower third, one line lower third with logo, two-line lower third, “CTA” lower third, ID “Bar” lower third, and a version of ID “Bar” lower third with a square logo.